Minggu, 20 April 2014

This Artificial Galaxy S5 Waterproof Also , for R1 , 7 million-an

Similar does not mean the same . It seems appropriate to describe the flagship Galaxy phone S5 with the country of origin of the Chinese replica , 1 S7 .

Packed with a similar design as the Galaxy S5 , No. smartphone . 1 S7 turns presenting a wide range of differences on the inside .
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Yup , S7 , as posted on the official website of No. . 1 , writing brings quad-core processor 1.3 GHz MT6582 . The chipset made ​​by MediaTek though still performance is still quite promising , but it is not support for Full HD resolution .

The rest of the other specifications of the No. . 1 S7 include , among others , 5.1 -inch screen resolution of 960 x 540 pixels , 13 megapixel rear camera , 5 megapixel front camera , 1GB RAM , 8GB of internal memory , as well as the will was powered by a battery capacity of 2800 mAh . For the operating system 1 S7 will run Android 4.3 Jelly Bean .

As noted on the official website , No. . 1 S7 is offered at a price of around 155 USD . Interestingly , the price is much cheaper , clone phone Galaxy S5 , it is also brings the ability to withstand water . How resistant , Unfortunately no further disclosed .


Jumat, 18 April 2014

Rice Prices Will Rise

Humid weather conditions lead to disrupted production . Rice production this year is estimated to be reduced by up to two million tonnes .

Farmers and Fishermen's Group Leader ( KNTA ) Winarno Tohir predict rice prices rise immediately . Rice now costs Rp 6,660 per kilogram ( kg ) could be Rp 7,500 per kg . In fact , it could reach Rp 8,000 per kg . "The supply of rice will also be affected , " he said contacted by Reuters on Friday ( 18/4 ) .

The reason , he said , early flooding that hit the agricultural land . Then the rains make pests such as leafhoppers increasingly malignant diseases . Conditions worsened with seed and fertilizer supply delays .

In Indramayu , for example , farmers should be vigilant to monitor his farmland . only need two days unattended to make agricultural land destroyed pests .

As a result of this issue , the national rice production will shrink . Milled rice production target of 76 million tons of possibilities only reached about 70 million tons .

" Gadu time this season contributing 55 percent of the national rice supply for a year , " he said .

This condition makes pessimistic farmers could meet the government's target for a surplus of 10 million tonnes of rice in 2014 . However , if the government is serious there are still ways that encouraged the national rice production .

First by increasing the availability of fertilizer budget . Then arrange the distribution of seeds to farmers .
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Furthermore, providing agricultural extension in the field . The current shortage of agricultural extension reaches 17 thousand people . Whereas the role of extension is very important to optimize production .


Kamis, 17 April 2014

Iran Military Conscious RI Have Great Potential

JAKARTA - Indonesia Iran realizes that it has great potential in the military field . For that Iran expressed its readiness to cooperate with the Indonesian military terms .

" We are ready to work , ready to share its experience , ready to work together to maintain the country's security and achieve common interests , " said Iranian Embassy military attache Maktabi Ali Fard on Birthday Celebrations National Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the Hotel Borobudur , Jakarta , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .
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Cooperation between Indonesia and Iran Iran conducted since gaining independence in 1979 . During the journey many developmental processes and also an increase drastically specialized in the field of defense .

" We know very well that Indonesia has great potential in the defense , especially in the manufacture of military aircraft . Indonesian military officials also know our potential , " he added .

In these two countries would be proud mendengarakan news . According to reports , the Indonesian military have also been in talks with Iran over defense affairs .

A memorial celebration of the Iranian military was quite festive . The event was attended by quite a lot of military officials from each country who have agreements with Iran .


Rabu, 16 April 2014

Hasto PDIP : Poetry Makes Us More Choosing Life

Deputy Secretary General PDIP , Hasto Kristiyanto , judging poetry delivered Fadli Zon is designed as a form of " attack " against Joko Widodo . Vice Chairman Gerindra , Fadli Zon , re- launched the innuendo -laden poem to one presidential candidate was entitled " Raisopopo " , on Thursday, April 16, 2014 .

" Poetry is the tradition in this country is used to convey social criticism , or the disclosure of heroic soul , and even into the drums of war over the various forms of injustice , but in the hands Fadli Zon has become a tool of war by individuals , " said Hasto .

According to him , Fadli impose rules for the purposes of war literature . As a result , not only the chaos of logic , but twisting the facts .
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" I raisopopo honesty should be the expression of a leader that without the people , a leader can not be anything, " he said .

Similarly, in the puppet . Hasto explained , is a portrait puppets and ritual life . In it there is joy Sengkuni pitting people .

" In it there Duryudana , who likes keangkaramurkaan , and justifies a variety of ways to perpetuate power , including kidnapping , " he said .

PDI-P , said Hasto , still believes that the best strategy of winning election only move in one direction to win the people's conscience .

"Therefore , we prefer to make poetry of life , in order to inflame the spirit of the people struggle against various forms of injustice , " he said .

According to him , the true human being is a human being who has humility , so that his attitude was not bragging. With that attitude , even though he could not feel anything, by the people , in fact be able to do everything .

Humans just play , and not the mastermind . Very dangerous when people find it to be the mastermind , because it can do everything for her will be valid .

" Our candidates prefer to share dreams , to share their hopes with concrete action . Was not only behind the counter . Only those who have a heart that can see the pure intentions . Worked with the heart . Become a role model and not just a slogan to sell . "


Acquisition of the PDI-P and PKB Enchanting Mass Media

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) as a political party is the most widely reported after the implementation of 9 April 2014 legislative elections . Awakening Party (PKB ), which previously was not widely reported massive proclaimed it after obtaining a large enough voice in the legislative elections .

Thus the results of the analysis of the mass media by Trilian Path . The analysis carried out on the news of the 6 national print media , online media 20 , and 6 regional print media from 9 April at 13:00 pm and ended at 15 April 2014 at 23:59 . Monitored media is media that is not affiliated to any political party .

Of monitoring , the PDI - P in the top position and earn 267 points . Meanwhile CLA is in second place with 135 points . Gerindra shut down three points with 127 .

According to CEO Communications Triliant Ekoputro Adijayanto , the intensity of the PDI - P reporting very high in the mass media is not so surprising because the political party won the highest vote based on a quick count ( quick count ) , which is 19 per cent . In addition , PDI - P has been widely reported by the media since before the voting for the presidential candidate filed , Joko Widodo , who is regarded as a media darling .

" However , that is quite interesting and surprising , it turns PKB second position . Apparently, the issue of mass media driven PKB pretty intense post - pileg , whereas previously , " said Eko .

According to Eko , the attractiveness of PKB caused by a quick count by the party which has increased two -fold from the 2009 elections . According to him , the media are interested to explore what is causing the rise in the collective voice .

"In my opinion , it's because Iskandar strategy ( Chairman of the CLA ) is quite good . He has very good communication strategy using three candidate that it has, " he said .
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Popularity of another party based on the analysis of mass media is done sequentially Triliant Golkar ( 111 ) , Democrats ( 100 ) , Nasdem ( 72 ) , MCC ( 60 ) , PAN ( 57 ) , PPP ( 50 ) , Hanura ( 38 ) , PKPI ( 20 ) , and UN ( 12 ) .


Senin, 14 April 2014

"If So President, Do not forget it We Yes sir Jokowi"

The husband and wife , Didi Haswadi ( 59 ) and Anita Anggraeni ( 51 ) were reported missing allegedly killed at his home in Jalan Batu Indah Raya No. 46A , Village Batununggal , District of South Bandung , Bandung , West Java , and his body dumped in Pandeglang , Banten . Allegations were strengthened after West Java Police received word that the Banten Police have found two bodies in the Pandeglang .

" Yes , there is a suspicion executed here ( at home ) , and then dumped in Pandeglang , " said Commissioner Mashudi Kapolrestabes Bandung in Bandung , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

According Mashudi , Banten Police discovered the two bodies , Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) . Until now , Banten Police are still hunting the culprit .

The pair is known to have been killed by her family on Sunday ( 13/04/2014 ) after obtaining information from the police . Car Grand Livina usual silver parked at his home was gone . Suspected perpetrators also made ​​off with the car . Police are still investigating the motive and the pursuit of the culprit .

" The motive we are still investigating , whether the perpetrator is close , we 're investigating ," he said .

Previously reported , the couple is known to disappear after only daughter , Anggiane ( 27 ) , lost contact with his parents . When checking into the residence , found the door locked , but the gates open .

Anggi then reported it to the nearest police station . Police went to the house with family . Locksmith services are trying to open the lock . Finally the door opened .

Anggi looking toward his parents with the whole room . But , no one in the house . He was very surprised when I saw there was blood on the living room and blood footprints on the stairs .
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" There were spots of blood in the room where the reception . Then there blood footprints on the stairs , " said the victim 's nephew , Ivan R. Budiman ( 31 ) when found at the crime scene on Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

Today , families in London are still awaiting the arrival of the bodies have been sent from hospitals Serang , Banten .


Sabtu, 12 April 2014

Transfer Mobile Xperia, Xperia Easily Transfer Your Data

After the application launches Xperia Transfer some time ago , Sony again presents a similar application but with the support of a more complete feature , named Xperia Mobile Transfer . With Sony 's latest application allows the user to get the new Sony Xperia contact data , calendar , SMS , bookmarks , photos and more from your old smartphone devices .

Not only in the old Android smartphone , Xperia Mobile Transfer already has support for moving data from the iPhone that can not be done from the same application as the Sony PC Companion Sony , Sony Xperia Bridge for Mac and Transfer .
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To be able to use this application , users must first download the application on the Google Play Store . Furthermore, users just need to install and follow the steps that have been collated on a regular basis . To use this app takes the Android operating system version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich . As for transferring data to a Sony device with OS 4.3 Jelly Bean NFC connection is required . ( DENI )

For more detailed steps that do consider the following video review at this link .