Selasa, 22 April 2014

BCA : We Fulfill Tax Liability , Not Break the Law

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk ( BCA ) has denied breaking the rules of taxation . BCA President , John Setiaatmadja , states that the largest private bank in Indonesia has followed the applicable tax rules .

" The process taken by the BCA , we as tax payers , has fulfilled its obligations and exercise this right through the procedure as well as the correct tax procedures . We do not violate the law , " said Jahja a news conference at Menara BCA , Jakarta , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 .
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In 1998 , Jahja continuing , the Bank recorded a fiscal loss of Rp29 , 2 trillion due to the economic crisis . Under the existing regulation , the losses can be compensated by the income is (tax loss carry forward) begin the next tax year to five years . Then in 1999 , the Bank began fiscal profit of Rp174 billion .

Then , based on tax audits in 2002 , according to Jahja , Directorate General of Taxation corrected taxable income of the period 1999 to Rp6 , 78 trillion . In these values ​​, there is a correction related to the transfer of assets, including collateral Rp 5 , 77 trillion . This is done by buying and selling process as stipulated in the Purchase Agreement and Receivables Submission No. . SP-165/BPPM/0660 .
BCA considers it is in line with the instructions of the Minister of Finance No. 117/KMK.017/1999 and Governor of Bank Indonesia letter 31/15/KEP/GBI on March 26, 1999 .

According Jahja , there is a difference of opinion with the Directorate General of Taxes , Ministry of Finance with the BCA . " We carry out the instructions of the Minister of Finance and the central bank governor issued simultaneously dated March 26, 1999 , " he said .

Jahja explained , BCA execute commands to transfer NPLs ( non -performing loans / NPL ) , restructured loans , including collateral to Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA ) . However , the Directorate General of Taxation saw it as a case of NPL deletion .

" This is a misunderstanding . Corresponding letter we 've done it . There is clear evidence that the transfer of assets . If deletion , bad debt balance remains on the BCA , " he said .
" After 2003, the collateral was successfully charged Rp 3 , 29 trillion and not given to the BCA , but to IBRA . If bad debt, should be returned to the BCA . We felt right , " he said .

Then , BCA cast objection to the tax correction process is conducted by Directorate General of Taxation on June 17, 2003 . Objection is received by the tax authorities and stated in Decree No. KEP-870/PJ.44/2004 on June 18, 2004 .

" We felt right . When the tax correction , we filed an objection to the LTO ( Large Tax Office ) and the letter was raised to the regional offices and the Directorate General of Taxation . 's Done by a tax consultant and conducted correspondence , " he said .

Jahja added , from the period 1998-2003 , there are tax compensation worth Rp 7 , 81 trillion . If the bank 's objection to the correction of tax of Rp 5, 77 trillion is not received by the Directorate General of Taxation , there is still a tax loss carry forward Rp2 , 04 trillion .
" It was charred and can not be used again . So , based on that , we describe the existing problems and the reason why we do mind , " said John.
For information , on Monday, April 21, 2014 , the Corruption Eradication Commission set Hadi Purnomo as corruption suspects in cases of tax objections Bank Central Asia in 2003.

Hadi's announcement of the establishment of the new status coincided with his last day serving as chairman of the Supreme Audit Agency ( BPK ) as well as his birthday , April 21.

KPK chairman Abraham Samad , said Hadi snared in his capacity as former Director General of Taxes 2002-2004. Hadi allegedly violated procedure by accepting the tax objection petition BCA 1999 . Consequently the state loses revenue Rp375 billion .


Senin, 21 April 2014

Considered Bawaslu Failed due to less experience

Executive Director of Civil Circle for Indonesia ( Lima ) Ray Rangkuti assess the Election Supervisory Board fails to be a national level institute in monitoring the elections . According to him , Bawaslu need firmer action against election violations that have been very blatant .

" I am the Chairman of the Election Supervisory Body criticism that he failed to move for the organization as a supervisory agency . According to me , it should have led Bawaslu experience and authority in order Bawaslu dare to take action , " says Ray , Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) , in Jakarta .

According to Ray , this time only the inventor Bawaslu violations - violations during the elections . Bawaslu should be able to immediately crack down and impose sanctions against election violations that pose a deterrent effect .

" If it was just put out a release findings offense , yes every time elections are also certainly no offense . Pelanggaan Now the number is very high , it should be doing more Bawaslu even have to catch the perpetrators of electoral crimes , " he said .

Ray said , Bawaslu should pay special attention to this because of election violations in several areas are not neutral in performing their duties . In addition , the management of logistic chaotic elections , among others, demonstrated the presence of spoiled ballots or swapped.

The uncertainty of the amount of the final voters list and the special voters list by the Election Commission also considered highly vulnerable distorted. Ray also criticized the media neutrality that led to some of the issues during the election .
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" Neutrality media became a new phenomenon in the elections this time . Maybe because here there is also the media interested in the election because many didadani by election contestants , " said Ray .


Minggu, 20 April 2014

This Artificial Galaxy S5 Waterproof Also , for R1 , 7 million-an

Similar does not mean the same . It seems appropriate to describe the flagship Galaxy phone S5 with the country of origin of the Chinese replica , 1 S7 .

Packed with a similar design as the Galaxy S5 , No. smartphone . 1 S7 turns presenting a wide range of differences on the inside .
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Yup , S7 , as posted on the official website of No. . 1 , writing brings quad-core processor 1.3 GHz MT6582 . The chipset made ​​by MediaTek though still performance is still quite promising , but it is not support for Full HD resolution .

The rest of the other specifications of the No. . 1 S7 include , among others , 5.1 -inch screen resolution of 960 x 540 pixels , 13 megapixel rear camera , 5 megapixel front camera , 1GB RAM , 8GB of internal memory , as well as the will was powered by a battery capacity of 2800 mAh . For the operating system 1 S7 will run Android 4.3 Jelly Bean .

As noted on the official website , No. . 1 S7 is offered at a price of around 155 USD . Interestingly , the price is much cheaper , clone phone Galaxy S5 , it is also brings the ability to withstand water . How resistant , Unfortunately no further disclosed .


Jumat, 18 April 2014

Rice Prices Will Rise

Humid weather conditions lead to disrupted production . Rice production this year is estimated to be reduced by up to two million tonnes .

Farmers and Fishermen's Group Leader ( KNTA ) Winarno Tohir predict rice prices rise immediately . Rice now costs Rp 6,660 per kilogram ( kg ) could be Rp 7,500 per kg . In fact , it could reach Rp 8,000 per kg . "The supply of rice will also be affected , " he said contacted by Reuters on Friday ( 18/4 ) .

The reason , he said , early flooding that hit the agricultural land . Then the rains make pests such as leafhoppers increasingly malignant diseases . Conditions worsened with seed and fertilizer supply delays .

In Indramayu , for example , farmers should be vigilant to monitor his farmland . only need two days unattended to make agricultural land destroyed pests .

As a result of this issue , the national rice production will shrink . Milled rice production target of 76 million tons of possibilities only reached about 70 million tons .

" Gadu time this season contributing 55 percent of the national rice supply for a year , " he said .

This condition makes pessimistic farmers could meet the government's target for a surplus of 10 million tonnes of rice in 2014 . However , if the government is serious there are still ways that encouraged the national rice production .

First by increasing the availability of fertilizer budget . Then arrange the distribution of seeds to farmers .
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Furthermore, providing agricultural extension in the field . The current shortage of agricultural extension reaches 17 thousand people . Whereas the role of extension is very important to optimize production .


Kamis, 17 April 2014

Iran Military Conscious RI Have Great Potential

JAKARTA - Indonesia Iran realizes that it has great potential in the military field . For that Iran expressed its readiness to cooperate with the Indonesian military terms .

" We are ready to work , ready to share its experience , ready to work together to maintain the country's security and achieve common interests , " said Iranian Embassy military attache Maktabi Ali Fard on Birthday Celebrations National Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the Hotel Borobudur , Jakarta , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .
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Cooperation between Indonesia and Iran Iran conducted since gaining independence in 1979 . During the journey many developmental processes and also an increase drastically specialized in the field of defense .

" We know very well that Indonesia has great potential in the defense , especially in the manufacture of military aircraft . Indonesian military officials also know our potential , " he added .

In these two countries would be proud mendengarakan news . According to reports , the Indonesian military have also been in talks with Iran over defense affairs .

A memorial celebration of the Iranian military was quite festive . The event was attended by quite a lot of military officials from each country who have agreements with Iran .


Rabu, 16 April 2014

Hasto PDIP : Poetry Makes Us More Choosing Life

Deputy Secretary General PDIP , Hasto Kristiyanto , judging poetry delivered Fadli Zon is designed as a form of " attack " against Joko Widodo . Vice Chairman Gerindra , Fadli Zon , re- launched the innuendo -laden poem to one presidential candidate was entitled " Raisopopo " , on Thursday, April 16, 2014 .

" Poetry is the tradition in this country is used to convey social criticism , or the disclosure of heroic soul , and even into the drums of war over the various forms of injustice , but in the hands Fadli Zon has become a tool of war by individuals , " said Hasto .

According to him , Fadli impose rules for the purposes of war literature . As a result , not only the chaos of logic , but twisting the facts .
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" I raisopopo honesty should be the expression of a leader that without the people , a leader can not be anything, " he said .

Similarly, in the puppet . Hasto explained , is a portrait puppets and ritual life . In it there is joy Sengkuni pitting people .

" In it there Duryudana , who likes keangkaramurkaan , and justifies a variety of ways to perpetuate power , including kidnapping , " he said .

PDI-P , said Hasto , still believes that the best strategy of winning election only move in one direction to win the people's conscience .

"Therefore , we prefer to make poetry of life , in order to inflame the spirit of the people struggle against various forms of injustice , " he said .

According to him , the true human being is a human being who has humility , so that his attitude was not bragging. With that attitude , even though he could not feel anything, by the people , in fact be able to do everything .

Humans just play , and not the mastermind . Very dangerous when people find it to be the mastermind , because it can do everything for her will be valid .

" Our candidates prefer to share dreams , to share their hopes with concrete action . Was not only behind the counter . Only those who have a heart that can see the pure intentions . Worked with the heart . Become a role model and not just a slogan to sell . "


Acquisition of the PDI-P and PKB Enchanting Mass Media

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) as a political party is the most widely reported after the implementation of 9 April 2014 legislative elections . Awakening Party (PKB ), which previously was not widely reported massive proclaimed it after obtaining a large enough voice in the legislative elections .

Thus the results of the analysis of the mass media by Trilian Path . The analysis carried out on the news of the 6 national print media , online media 20 , and 6 regional print media from 9 April at 13:00 pm and ended at 15 April 2014 at 23:59 . Monitored media is media that is not affiliated to any political party .

Of monitoring , the PDI - P in the top position and earn 267 points . Meanwhile CLA is in second place with 135 points . Gerindra shut down three points with 127 .

According to CEO Communications Triliant Ekoputro Adijayanto , the intensity of the PDI - P reporting very high in the mass media is not so surprising because the political party won the highest vote based on a quick count ( quick count ) , which is 19 per cent . In addition , PDI - P has been widely reported by the media since before the voting for the presidential candidate filed , Joko Widodo , who is regarded as a media darling .

" However , that is quite interesting and surprising , it turns PKB second position . Apparently, the issue of mass media driven PKB pretty intense post - pileg , whereas previously , " said Eko .

According to Eko , the attractiveness of PKB caused by a quick count by the party which has increased two -fold from the 2009 elections . According to him , the media are interested to explore what is causing the rise in the collective voice .

"In my opinion , it's because Iskandar strategy ( Chairman of the CLA ) is quite good . He has very good communication strategy using three candidate that it has, " he said .
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Popularity of another party based on the analysis of mass media is done sequentially Triliant Golkar ( 111 ) , Democrats ( 100 ) , Nasdem ( 72 ) , MCC ( 60 ) , PAN ( 57 ) , PPP ( 50 ) , Hanura ( 38 ) , PKPI ( 20 ) , and UN ( 12 ) .